Individual Coaching: Graduate Students

Graduate study represents several sharp transitions in a writer’s life from the first seminar papers, to articles, thesis and dissertations.

Coaching can focus on various aspects of your graduate career and stages of a project. We can meet regularly to maintain your productivity or meet as needed. We can focus on any aspect of the writing process that meets your needs, including building motivation, generating and organizing text, use of time, project planning, and strategies to work with blocking and procrastination. We can also work with your text. For example, we can look closely at your prose style and at editing strategies.

I have a sliding scale of 30 to 65 dollars per hour. I ask that you decide what you can pay. I will not ask for an explanation.

Appointments last at least an hour, but can be scheduled ninety minutes or two hours if required.

Appointments can be set up to meet the needs of the client. We can meet regularly or as needed, based on assignment and work load.

It’s important that you feel the fit is appropriate. If you contact me, I’ll ask that we talk by phone– or communicate by email– so that I understand your goals before our first meeting.