Executive Function and Writing Coach

My practice focuses on helping high school students, college students and professionals who experience of ADHD and traits related to ADHD, such as inconsistent focus, the inability to complete important projects or stay on task, or simply the feeling that they are capable of much, much more.

ForĀ  my high school and college student clients, my goal is to help you develop the skill to manage the tasks and projects you face so that you can make the most of your high school and college experiences so that you can develop confidence in your ability to make your own way. These skills may go beyond the classroom to include your extracurricular activities, personal interests, and personal goals, such as learning to drive and getting a job.

For the parents of my high school and college clients, my goal is to free you to be parents, rather than coaches or tutors. You can be supportive, set limits, and establish consequences, confident that your student has the the support they need to succeed.

For my professionals clients, who include academic professionals and graduate students, our work can focuses on a range of tasks and issues. The work can be project centered, such as a dissertation, article or book. It may focus on management of every tasks, such as budgets, chores, and scheduling. It may focus on managing your work life, home life, or personal goals. A particular concern of mine is how to help you manage the shifting balance of work, family, and personal aspirations.